NCIS Los Angeles Season 1


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The first season had 7 actors get star billing. Chris O'Donnell portrayed G. Callen, an NCIS Special Agent in charge of the Office of Special Projects team in Los Angeles.Though his friends call him "G" he does not know what his first name is. LL Cool J portrays Sam Hanna, a former Navy SEAL working as a Senior NCIS agent.Sam is G's partner and is very curious about his past. Kensi Blye portrayed by Daniela Ruah, a Junior Field agent on the NCIS Office of Special Projects who comes from a Marine family, studied forensics and criminology in college, and is fluent in Portuguese, lip reading, and Morse code.Adam Jamal Craig portrayed Dominic "Dom" Vail, the team's rookie agent.After his character disappeared in the episode "Missing" he was changed to a guest star.He was written out of the show in the episode "Found" when Dom was fatally wounded while trying to escape from his kidnappers. Peter Cambor portrayed Dr. Nathaniel "Nate" Getz, the operational psychologist working with NCIS observing surveillance tapes and watching or conducting interrogations in order to create psychological profiles of suspects.Nate briefly expressed interest in doing field work but was dissuaded by everyone on the team. Barrett Foa portrayed Eric Beale, the technical operator for the OSP who serves as the primary contact both for agents in the field and with Director Leon Vance.Foa was changed from guest starring to a starring role as of the thirteenth episode of the season. Linda Hunt portrayed Henrietta "Hetty" Lange, the Operations Manager at NCIS in Los Angeles.Hetty has been compared to the character Q in the James Bond novels and films.She guest-starred in the first episode before being upgraded as a series regular the following episode.

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