How to Activate


This is your gateway to unlimited entertainment, but before you can access our huge catalogue of music, you are going to need to activate your account!


By now you should have received an SMS and an email with your username and password. If not, call us on 0861333035 to have these details sent to you. Once you have your login details visit, enter your activation details, accept our terms and conditions and hit Activate!


Once the website has notified you of your successful account activation, select Login under the Activation tab to be transported to the Simfy Africa website. You can then log in using the same username and password that you used to activate your account.


Explore our online music selection… then keep the beat going!

What is Simfy

Listen to music anytime, anywhere with Simfy. Our online collection is filled with all of the hottest artists and the biggest hits. Download them to listen offline or create a playlist to stream on your smart device. Whether you’re in the office or going out for a run, Simfy is there to keep the beat going.

Music on multiple devices


  • Listen via our web, desktop or mobile applications

  • Stream Simfy Radio or playlist 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Search for your favourite song, album or artist and play immediately

  • Create playlists or choose one created by our music experts

  • Download and listen offline when Internet is unavailable

  • Discover countless local and international artists

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